ÖSD levels



The exam consists of a written and an oral part. The cornerstone of the exam is the communicative ability in everyday situations.


A2 Grundstufe Deutsch (A2)

At this level the student must be able to communicate in everyday situations in an elementary way. Regarding the linguistic abilities, the aim of the exam is to evaluate the communication ability. The exam refers to the "Waystage 90" level of the European Council.

Advise and suggestions: The exam proves, also in a working matter, that the student has the linguistic competences to communicate in an elementary way in  everyday situations.


Zertifikat Deutsch (B1)

At this level the student must be able to talk about everyday life and working problems. This exams aims to evaluate the communicative ability, but still paying attention to the formal accuracy. The ZD of the ÖSD was born as a cooperation with the Goethe Institut, the WBT and the Swiss University of  Freiburg ( designated of by the EDK). It refers to the dispositions of the “Threshold 90” of the European Council, as they have been developed most of the European spoken languages.

Advise and suggestions: This exam gives a German certification recognized in the working system, both private and public, and gives the student better chances to find a job.


Mittelstufe Deutsch (B2)

This exams requires, aside from the ability to communicate in everyday life, also the ability to talk in specific environments. Is expected, not just a linguistic ability, but also a pragmatic and cultural one; which means that students at this level are able to use the language in a functional way, to use and distinguish the different shades of the everyday language, as well as being able to use idiomatic expressions.  The  ÖSD  Mittelstufe refers to the “Competent User” level of the ALTE Certification or  to the "Effectiveness/B2" level of the European Council. It is equalized to other exams of the same level like the  zentralen Mittelstufeprüfung (ZMP) of the Goethe Institute.

Advise and suggestions: This exam is recognized in the working world as the proof of a good German knowledge, not only in at a general level, but also in more specific aspects. Furthermore it is valid as a certification in order to be admitted in Austrian Universities. (Information regarding this, are available on the  ÖSD website  www.osd.at, or directly at the University).


Oberstufe Deutsch (C1)

For the  ÖSD-Oberstufe Deutsch C1 exams, all candidates must have a sufficient linguistic  level to be able to communicate in different situations of social and working life. This exam, which is for students older than 16, attests a language knowledge which is recognized from its high precision and for testing the students ability to change to different linguistic circumstances.

Advise and suggestions: The exam C1 Oberstufe Deutsch is made for those candidates who wish to study in a German speaking university. The evaluated linguistic abilities are: listening, reading, writing and speaking.


Wirtschaftssprache Deutsch (C2)

This exam, which has been developed with the  Wirtschaftskammer Österreich  (Austrian Chamber of Commerce) implies an already high knowledge of the language, as well as a language proficiency regarding economical, or technical professions. The level refers to level 5 of the certification system which has 5 levels corresponding to the “Mastery Level C2” of the Europen Concil.

Advise and suggestions: This exam is useful for those who want to use German in all those jobs that deal with economics, who have expertise in activities alike and wish to improve