Drama classes: dedicated to 14-17 teenagers

Date published 25/01/2019

“Kings and Queens”

Drama classes – EUROCULTURE

Speech: Concentration on the formation of the individual sounds of spoken English and the development of an ability to speak clearly, expressively, and without impediments.

Voice: Devoted to the examination and practice of the basic principles of breathing, resonance, placement, and diction. This work continues throughout the course with a view to developing vocal stamina, resonance, range, and flexibility which can then be fused with the student’s imaginative, creative process.

Fundamentals of Movement: Development of creative and effective relation-ships to space, time, gravity, behaviour, energy, imagery, music, breath, text, and relationship communication. The work is focused on shaping and practically ex-ploring all aspects of gesture, including emotional, unconscious, and theatrical. Partial emphasis on eradicating gestural habits and providing a process of ex-panding gestural vocabulary.

Improvisation: Aims to free students from self-consciousness, fear and pre-tence, and to enhance their powers for concentration; to foster a full awareness and control of their inner resources; through a broad spectrum of improvisation, to expand the imagination and to encourage expression, interaction and tempera-ment.

Approaching the Play (Text Analysis): A first course approach to a detailing examination and explanation of a play. Students identify a play’s theme, its structure, and its character relationships. By discovering how to analyze a text and to appreciate a whole play, the student will be better able to approach a specific role in it and to do useful research and homework for rehearsal, if needed.